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Other Realm Sound is a sound design and music studio run by Joseph Magee. Based in Brooklyn, he works with filmmakers, production companies, post production facilities, design studios, dance companies and musicians. Areas of expertise include:

Audio Post Production

Professional mixing (stereo and surround), dialogue editing, sound effects editing, foley and whatever else the project calls for.  Fully equipped with a robust sound library and the industry tools that bring depth, clarity and creativity to a project's sound world. 

Music Composition/Scoring: 

From textural orchestral score to knocking 808s and everything in between. Story telling is always at the forefront. 

Joseph's work has premiered at several top international film festivals and on platforms such as Hulu, MTV, Dazed Digital and Nowness. He has worked on projects for top brands like Nike, Calvin Klein, and Gucci, while fostering creative relationships with independent artists and storytellers. 

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